Internet Services

Since leaving Brandid Ltd (a web design company) I have put my design skills to use. The following is a list of web sites I have created in my spare time.

I still have spare capacity on my server and plenty of time to create a bespoke website for your company, I have a flexible approach allowing you to get your site up and running at your own pace

Universal Lifting

NetGap's first undertaking. Universal Lifting have a wide range of products and although had bought their domain names had no idea how to continue. NetGap aided the directors to produce content, create logical product groupings and also provided onsite assistance with basic computing needs and setting up email accounts..

Clements Play Management Ltd

Clements Play Management required a more complex layout than my other sites, with multiple columns scaling to fit the available screen width. CPM have the ability to publish their own news articles and edit the site themselves.

Manhole Lifting Pins

Universal lifting had a requirement to 'publish' details and distributors of their Lifting Pins. NetGap ran with this idea, expanding along the way. Now customers can locate their nearest distributors simply by clicking a location on the map.

If you are interested in having a website built then please check my Terms & Conditions to avoid confusion and give you some idea of how NetGap works